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daniel burnar
( Romania )


Profil von daniel burnar

daniel burnar

born in Romania, Maramures, sacel


graduated The North University, section painture, Baia Mare



Comments received

  • beau travail j aime luna caliente
    collakate - 09.10.2009 14:49:53

  • Hi Dani, I hope all is well for you, I have put "Lover" in my L/B, Give my regards to Juan and Maria, Remember we can comunicate this way, Best to you and your family, Chris
    thenoop - 25.07.2009 12:56:22

  • Hi Dani, Fantastic new work, I love the Ibiza stuff,How are things with you,? here the same as ever, very hot, I am glad you came to these pages, you have some great feedback, I have lots of things going on, just waiting for something to happen, Regards to your family, Chris
    thenoop - 19.07.2009 18:09:48

  • hello Dany thank you for take me in your lightbox
    i love your picture
    fifi24 - 17.07.2009 11:29:46

  • foarte frumoase lucrari "The old mansion" - fav :D
    betuel - 10.07.2009 08:55:20

  • Thank you too for your comment!!!
    katrina - 05.07.2009 12:52:21

  • Love your abstract work!!!"luna caliente" is my favorite!!!!!
    katrina - 04.07.2009 08:04:18

  • Hey Dani, Congratulations, You made the image of the day on the home page, I am so glad people are seeing your great art at last, you deserve it well done. Best of everything, Chris
    thenoop - 03.07.2009 11:17:36

  • Well done! I love the color.

    grekas - 03.07.2009 01:38:19

  • Hello Daniel,
    Chris recommended you and hi is right, your sense of rhythm, composition and colour is excellent. Best regards. Ksenia
    kseniamilicevic - 28.06.2009 12:50:27

Comments sent

  • excellent...great works
    daniburnar - 29.06.2009 01:08:20

  • u tell story that make us think..excellent work luna..keep on telling stories

    daniburnar - 29.06.2009 00:11:18

  • hello armaykief!
    power,energy and great colours..
    regards from romania
    daniburnar - 28.06.2009 20:01:47

  • hy denis,
    wow excellent works..full of energy and strong colours...i like a lot
    best regards
    from romania
    daniburnar - 28.06.2009 19:56:39

  • thanks a lot for your comments...soon i will post more works of mine...i like your works..so full of mistery..sorry for my bad english
    daniburnar - 28.06.2009 19:44:03

  • super tare,
    colorit excelent si echilibru extraordinar
    felicitari, la mai mare
    daniburnar - 25.06.2009 23:11:38


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