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Peter Ciccariello
( United States )

Digitalkunst; Fotografie; Druckgrafik


Profil von Peter Ciccariello

Peter Ciccariello

Peter Ciccariello works at the intersection of image and word and is fascinated by the space between the two. He writes and creates in digital 3-D environments using real-world photography, digitized and found text, and pieces of avatars.

Recent work has appeared both in print & online in, amongst other places, Poetry Magazine, Sous Rature, Angel House Press, Fogged Clarity, MOCA The Museum of Computer Art, and Otoliths. His book "Imaginal Landscapes", was published by Xexoxial Editions and is available at http://xexoxial.org/xerolage/x38.html  Also available is “Uncommon Vision” (68 pp. 42 color plates) available at http://uncommon-vision.blogspot.com/  

Links to his current online work can be found at http://invisiblenotes.blogspot.com/



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  • NICE!!!
    prokopi - 29.10.2012 15:44:59

  • Thanks Cindy!!
    ciccariello - 30.11.2011 02:47:31

  • Exceptional work!
    Spookart - 30.11.2011 02:35:34

  • I very much like "Extremism in their midst"...
    mikeQ - 06.09.2011 22:49:11

  • Thanks Prokop!
    ciccariello - 20.07.2011 03:29:05

  • ...Hm...? What can I say?!

    prokopi - 20.07.2011 00:37:35

  • I'm sure, some of theme uniquly great ...maybe ALL!I couldn't decode your secret...maybe/sure../ I feel it...but .could you tell me some words from the program or...

    Nice days in all your life


    prokopi - 07.02.2011 19:46:51

  • Je I believe that Peter and Igor Prokop have a lot in common, see Metamorphysis
    dop911 - 21.01.2011 09:50:03

  • Lots to see and learn great artwork
    dingli - 01.11.2010 19:10:41

  • vos travaux sont superbes!
    FALANGA - 13.08.2010 15:54:50

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