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David Mullen
( United States )

Art Digital; Photographie; Impression


Profile de David Mullen

David Mullen

David Mullen has practiced fine art photography for over 35 years. He views photography as a great printmaking art and has worked in processes such as Van Dyke brown, platinum, silver gelatin, Ilfochrome, as well as painting in water media such as watercolor, gouache, and acrylics. The last four years Mullen has worked in digital format and printing with pigments on fine matte paper. Printed on archival matte paper, Mullen's photos bear a remarkable likeness to traditional images of platinum and Van Dyke brown. Photographers that have informed Mullen's approach to technique and formation of different perspectives include Minor White, Wyn Bullock, and Alfred Stieglitz. Painters such as Dali, Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon, Rufino Tamayo, and Kathe Kollwitz, are also major influences. Mullen's art changes as his emotions and perspectives of the world shift. The fact that reality is constantly in flux constantly reminds him to explore and play with imagination and technique. Mullen has no formal education. He was born in the woods and saved just in the nick of time from a rabid ferret by felonious monks, who lived right down the lane in a famous monastery, which begs to remain anonymous. The monks were very patient with Mullen as they educated him in the ways of the universe. It was at this monastery that Mullen learned to jam (still a great source of pleasure today).


Comments received

  • I think your image of the wall is captivating and intriguing.
    JLVaden - 18/08/2011 22:49:13

  • Looks like Robert Johnson !?
    Nick_Katkov - 04/08/2011 05:11:04

  • I wish it was a minority but the fundamentalist right wing movement is organized and powerful.
    drlmullen - 03/08/2011 16:32:49

  • Yes... censored. Probably the worst heritage of the WASP nation. Hopefully a minority now!

    dop911 - 15/07/2011 08:01:13

  • Great!!!! Bravo!!!!
    katrina - 02/06/2011 08:08:53

  • Thank you for your comment David. "Roasting Chestnuts" is an absolute favorite here. It has the atmosphere of a parabel. and the romanticism of a fairy tale.
    artemis - 30/04/2011 10:24:14

  • Excellent work!!!!
    katrina - 30/04/2011 08:13:29

  • wonderful.... such beautiful light..
    excellent photo !!!
    beatrixjourdan - 29/04/2011 04:49:07

  • Remarkable works and thought provoking images!!
    artemis - 27/04/2011 18:26:15

  • Very interesting series !
    michael_johna - 27/04/2011 07:56:01

Comments sent

  • excellent
    drlmullen - 19/08/2011 03:38:43

  • stunning and disturbing.
    drlmullen - 19/08/2011 03:17:07

  • Stunning and full of joy!
    drlmullen - 18/08/2011 04:27:13

  • I wish it was a minority but the fundamentalist right wing movement is organized and powerful.
    drlmullen - 03/08/2011 16:32:49

  • Powerful work!
    drlmullen - 09/05/2011 17:39:53

  • Mortality! Excellent portfolio!
    drlmullen - 07/05/2011 18:18:59

  • Great pieces, i love the weave of textures.
    drlmullen - 30/04/2011 01:16:18

  • Excellent!! Intense work!
    drlmullen - 30/04/2011 01:13:09

  • Christine
    Thank you for the visit. The plus was I am able to see your work.
    I love the movement in this serious of images. It is visual jazz for me.
    drlmullen - 28/04/2011 22:38:54


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