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Neli Skoric
( Croatia )


Profile de Neli Skoric

Neli Skoric

Neli Skorić, a painter, has started her carrier in her hometown Zagreb with four individual exhibitions. Since 1995 she has lived near Rijeka in the north of Adriatic. She uses chalk on paper, her favorite medium, in an interesting, specific and truly new ways. Besides animals her work includes people, landscapes and abstractions. Her focus on human spirit has always been a notable in all her human themed painting. For her, the human face has always been a source of fascination, paying particular attention to the eyes. By catching the changes in facial expressions, centered at those indescribable ways in which each individual person’s eyes look at the world, she strives to reflect that person’s spirit.
In many ways similar the same approach stretches to animals’ portraits. She has always been impressed by animals and their spirit. In much the same ways it is simmilar to humans’ yet purer. Because of her love for animals she has caught in her paintings that animal spirit, that something that would make every pet owner tell you their pet is truly special. You could say she’s an expert in animal portraits


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  • Strong contrast.
    NelisArt - 23/07/2010 18:29:34

  • 5*!
    NelisArt - 04/07/2010 18:49:59

  • Wow, this is strong!
    NelisArt - 18/06/2010 11:22:35

  • Great work!
    NelisArt - 28/05/2010 18:06:43

  • Hello Nata*
    NelisArt - 21/05/2010 18:00:47

  • Beautiful, soulful works.
    And thank you for the poem.
    NelisArt - 13/05/2010 17:10:56