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Kristine Sergejeva
( Latvia )

Art Digital; Photographie


Profile de Kristine Sergejeva

Kristine Sergejeva

Coming from Riga, Latvia and living in Paris, France, at the moment.

The way i perceive the world is determined and defined by different ideas, concepts, dreams and experiences combining the background of my I - for example, my earlier philosophy studies, interest in global justice and concepts in general, cosmopolitanism, human rights, buddhism, feminism, permanent wish for self-development and self-creation and at the same time to change the world and make it better place. I wish that when spectators see my pictures they would get automatically a reference to something beyond everyday life - concepts, ideas and universals. That's why I go slowly and deeply into the world of abstract photography...

In search for my style I am swinging among three reference points: one is what I feel to be my style at the moment - dark abstractions and concept-driven visual search for parallel realities where the truth is to be found; another one is my idea about ideal representation of every image (I believe that every single image taken has in it's potential the ideal representation, which can be reached in the post-processing process); and finally one important for me reference point is what spectators expect to be as "genuine" and "good" photography and what they like (as I have this curse on me to like to be liked).

Have been taken photography classes by the Latvian b&w photographer Gunars Binde (Latvia); in the photo club "Riga"; digital post-processing classes (which certainly changed my photography style) in "Photopress Hungary" photo school, etc. (not all of these classes, though, were finished taking into consideration big gap between originally expected and in the reality received knowledge and inspiration)

But the most influencial experience up till now has been master classes by Alexander Gronsky (Russia) and Iveta Vaivode (Latvia), especially because Gronsky's photographies for me is the top of contemporary photography.

Art exhibitions and projects

/ 10-17 September 2012
Exhibition of the winner works of Istanbul Photo Contest 2011
Sergisi Taksim Metro Istasyonu Sanat Galerisinde (Taksim Metro Station Art Gallery), Istanbul, Turkey

/ October - November 2011
Exhibition of the selected works of 6th MIKK annual international photography competition “Digital Abstraction 2011”
House of Culture MIKK, Murska Subota, Slovenia

/ May - September 2011
Photo exhibition “Tur…” by Aija Krodere, Kristine Sergejeva and Sintija Ziverte
Zazie Gallery, Riga, Latvia; People’s House of Krimulda, Krimulda, Latvia; People’s House “Ozolaine”, Carnikava, Latvia

/ December 2009 – March 2010
ISPP 09 (International Summer School of Photography) exhibition of the best projects
Goethe Institute, Riga, Latvia

/ August – December 2009
ISPP 09 (International Summer School of Photography) general exhibition
House of Culture, Ludza, Latvia

/ August 2002
Personal photography exhibition “Snaking Through the Underbelly” in cooperation with Irish writer Sue Healy
Kicsi Vilag, Budapest, Hungary

/ September 1998
Photography exhibition on social issues
White House, Livani, Latvia

/ May 1998
Photography exhibition on social issues
House of Latvian Red Cross, Riga, Latvia

/ February - September 1997
Project coordinator of the art/cultural project “Cultural Exchange of Youth from Latvia and Romania” funded by Soros Foundation


Comments received

  • excellent
    drlmullen - 19/08/2011 03:38:43

  • again a vezry nice series !
    michael_johna - 13/07/2011 19:28:21

  • also a very nice series ..
    michael_johna - 13/07/2011 19:27:39

  • prekrasnyj portret, Kristine !
    march25anna - 04/05/2011 14:20:03

  • Trés belle photos . Bravo
    HARILLO - 10/02/2011 11:59:48

  • This gallery is amazing!!!! Great images with powerful expression !!! Bravo!!!!
    katrina - 26/01/2011 10:10:23

  • Very expressive "quietscapes X - XII". Like the atmosphere in all these photos.
    artemis - 01/12/2010 17:08:38

  • reverse transmission
    Absolutely unbelievable. The first time I saw this image, I had the, well, "Wow" effect. Image composition and colors are fascinating.
    dop911 - 25/09/2010 13:08:43

  • Amazing gallery! The use of the Black and White combined with low light give to the subject a darkness which is deep. I suppose that you are using an argentic camera?
    dop911 - 25/09/2010 12:57:02

  • exceptional!
    robert_s - 23/09/2010 13:53:09

Comments sent

  • i love this gallery... i love composition of almost every single image, post-processing, format and most important - absolutely wonderful dream like atmosphere. thanks so much for sharing
    kirke_ - 25/09/2010 14:08:38


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