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Art Digital; Installation; Technique Mixte; Impression; Sculpture




1965 studied Bauhaus under Mr.Hoekstra of the Ryksakademie. 1971 B A F A Michaelis School of Art, majored Sculpture University of Cape Town .1972-3 Post graduate Studies Sculpture St. Martins College of Art , London under Caro and King.1985- Diploma specialized welding, Tass School, CapeTown, South Africa Awards: *Grand Prix -Osaka Triennial (Print) 1997, Japan. First Award World Contemporary Art, 1998 Los. Angeles; 12th German Graphic Art - Frechen 1999; International Print Triennial, - Krakow 2000;Poland Biennale Internazionale. Dell' Arte Contemporary . Citta Di Firenze 2001- Lorenzo il Magnifico; Italy International Print Triennial Krakow 2003– Award City Opole; 2007 International Art Biennial Splitgraphic 3-special award, Split, Croatia . 2007 -14th Tallinn Print Triennial,Dipl Estonia 2007 Artoteque.com -online, Diploma Excellence, London 1st International Arts &Science Festival 2009 ,honour diploma& medal award by Unesco VP Maronitis Ioanis . Selected Solo Shows: South African Association Arts, Cape Town 1972.; Site specific sculptures Clifton, Sea Point. Cape Town Harbour; 1974 Space Studios, Rotherhithe, London; 1998 World Contemporary Art, Los Angeles .USA; 1990,Bank Leumi King David, Jerusalem. Dead Sea-site specific sculpture Israel, Art Expo 2000, New York. 40th anniversary Krakow SMTG IPT, 2006-08 “The Phoenix Throne” Dvd, Stills-,Center Jewish Culture, Kazimierz, Institute Art Krakow; Academy – gallery& "Pod Jaszczurami" club; Eye for Art 2 Gallery.2009 Contemporary Art Gallery Myślenice Selected Group shows: 1997 Osaka Triennale.1998-12th German International. Graphic Art Frechen 1999; IPT-SMTG Bunkier Sztuki ,Krakow,2000. 2000 Intergrafia- World Winners Gallery hosts - International Print Triennial, Katowice. Vienna Art Center "Zeichen der Gegenwart" - Vienna Art Center 2001. Graz Cultural Network, Austria. II Bienal Internacional Ceará de Gravura, Fortelezza ,Brazil. The Beijing Bienniale, 2005,China International Print Triennial-SMTG Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow 2006 - Horst Janssen, Oldenburg, 2007 Kunstlerhaus Vienna. 5th Novosibirsk, Biennial, Gyeongnam International Art Festival ,Korea.3rd Biennial Splitgraphic,Split Croatia. 14th Tallinn Print 2007. Jan /Feb 2007 The “White” show at the Broadway Gallery, NYC. 5th Novosibirsk International Biennial of Contemporary Graphic Art Novosibirsk, Russia -2007 2008 3rd Internatl Experimental Engraving Biennial, Romania.3rd Beijing International.Art Biennale 2008. Olympic Fine Arts Beijing 2008, 13th International Biennial Print R.O.C. Taiwan, China, First International. Biennial Contemporary Art Chapingo. Mexico; Kulisiewicz International Graphic Arts Triennial, Warsaw -Imprint 2008, Under MTG International Print Triennial KRAKÓW 2009 PROGRAMME; the 6th International Color Print Triennale, Contemporary Art Gallery Wozownia,Torun,Poland, and ‘Is It Still Graphics or a Photography?” Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, Poland; 6th International Graphic Triennal Bitola – Macedonia. IV SPLITGRAPHIC international graphic art biennial, Split, Croatia. 1ST INTERNATIONAL ART & SCIENCE FESTIVAL 2009 at AHAIA installations, Greece. The 4th International Prize Arte Laguna Tese di San Cristoforo , Venice Arsenale


Comments received

  • Some of my best friends: Very powerful work, Basil!
    melusina - 02/04/2011 05:48:09

  • L'Art devient une vaste blague !
    MIKEluc - 04/08/2010 15:36:04

  • L'Art devient une vaste blague !
    MIKEluc - 04/08/2010 15:35:57

  • Congratulation Basil,dear friend.!!!!
    Astami - 13/07/2010 13:47:03

  • Congratulation Basil,dear friend.!!!!
    Astami - 13/07/2010 13:46:59

  • congratulations Basil. I Like your sculpture instalation
    Kamila_Szadaj - 13/07/2010 12:36:58

  • congratulations :)

    LISPRUSSEN - 05/07/2010 08:40:38

  • Hello Basil
    How peculiar that we both end up selected for this Eutopia project.
    Hopefully you remember me from online printmaking conference forum linked to SMTG last year or the year before. Although maybe it was Impact?
    Cant remember but I know your name for sure..... from Printmaking circles.

    Your piece above comes to life, for me when I read your words which put it in context.

    Actually it made me think of my visit to Auchwitz in circa 1990..
    ainesse - 04/07/2010 22:54:15

  • Wonderfull !!

    sarid - 03/07/2010 18:25:54

  • I can hardly express how this artwork touches me!
    silviacasilli - 25/05/2010 08:28:31

Comments sent

  • Hi AINE
    Note my Umbilical Africa and the Guernica text..Certainly I think I achieved evocations associations -persecution from Africa to the holocaust-Auschwitz where my great late uncle Aaron Frank poet author teacher educationist was sent from Dachau prior Siauliau Lithuania .

    “Anchored and Chained” (Homage to the victims of oppression from Auschwitz to Robben island; Aaron Frank to Nelson Mandela)

    b&w photograph ,digital work on duroclear transparency

    No one can murder an idea,
    Whether it be chained ,tortured and gassed

    Even though the searchlights will draw its arc across the world
    through mists and storms
    And dropped papers
    from the ivory guard towers
    blackened with their faeces
    and ashes of their cancerous smoke
    The codex will be deciphered,
    read and redeemed

    There is always an escape
    out of the earths dungeons
    Into deaths dimensions
    Where the ark in the ether
    floats and all that
    sailed upon her.
    byBasil Colin Frank

    Basil Colin Frank

    Umbilical Africa and the Guernica
    H41 x29x16cm
    Wall piece: Copper, wire, graphite paper ,
    gel, canvas, acrylic, spray ,bulb

    Words: Birth =gel, old order; new order
    Revolution, blood, exploitation,(social, political, technological,
    H.287x W106x D15cm uranium, diamonds ,gold, skeleton, gel, skin
    head; wire-umbilical cord
    colonialist wars by proxy.
    Bulb- light, new order.

    basilcolinfrank - 07/07/2010 09:45:57

  • Nissim which means victory

    Mazaltov &Congratulations
    Basil Colin Frank bcfrank@netvision.net.il
    Award-winner for my sculpture The Affirmation (Aliens) now my 11th International award

    basilcolinfrank - 03/07/2010 11:19:01

  • Mazaltov&Congratulation
    Basil Colin Frank Jerusalem
    Award-winner for my sculpture The Affirmation
    basilcolinfrank - 03/07/2010 11:14:10

  • Congrats


    Basil Frank - Israel

    Saartjie Baartman Story
    Digital Print, 176 x 220 cm, 2006

    basilcolinfrank - 19/05/2010 16:05:25