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Martin Bezzina Wettinger
( Malta )

Peinture; Photographie; Sculpture


Profile de Martin Bezzina Wettinger

Martin Bezzina Wettinger


Comments received

  • portrait of dead christ is very expressive, mother and child full of the significance needed,i am happy to see your art, come and join my freinds
    thenoop - 10/05/2009 13:05:31

  • Thank you for this appreciation tres agreable. I am going to take into account your advice(council) because I sculpture only for six months. I plan to follow an initiation soon.
    I visited your site and I like particulierementvos sculptures of characters (st Dominic, dead christ ...).
    coeur de pierre
    coeurdepierre - 14/12/2008 10:25:53

  • your paintings are just the sort i like. clare
    maryclarealbanozzo - 12/12/2008 19:54:15

Comments sent

  • This picture reminds me of Maltese fireworks
    bottegin - 20/09/2009 08:42:56

  • Your Paintings have a fresh feeling.
    bottegin - 20/09/2009 08:37:32

  • I like your sculptures very much. They are very expressive. I suggest you use softer lines sometimes.
    Martin Bezzina Wettinger

    bottegin - 14/12/2008 07:14:54

  • Hi Mary Clare really like this abstract painting. I can stop staring at it and my eyes move from one focal point to another. I would register your country of origin too.
    bottegin - 12/12/2008 20:52:56


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