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Andrzej Kruszewski
( Poland )

Art Digital; Technique Mixte; Peinture; Photographie


Profile de Andrzej Kruszewski

Andrzej Kruszewski

Y. Goulais (http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yves_Goulais) noted that the artists are taking any mission - consisting mostly to fight through the works against evil, stupidity, suffering and poverty wherever it develops, and particularly in the prison of towns. It proclaims our hope in man and its always possible improvement. The hope is robust, lies on the basis of activity, although the initiative should come from the draft Criminal Division, which is the city - from the prisoners, they are residents or their guardians such as steward cities. These divagations were the basis of the "Code inconnu" by Andrew Kruszewski shown in Zielona Góra and selected individual exhibitions: Traden Roma, Eschatology, Inconu Code (unknown code), Extracted from the body, "Act with Takt", Act of one day. Collective exhibitions: Year of the Family (the invitation of UNESCO), Bienale Photography Special techniques, SACRUM in art, Abusing the earth, Academy of imagination, Cyberfoto 2000.


Comments received

  • I have sent you an email to greet you ,my friend.hope you read it soon .best wishes .and I like your work .
    CurryQ - 01/09/2010 15:55:58

  • I love it, gives me a feeling of warmth, that I can't explain.
    good luck to you, these works are really inspiring...
    brilliant :))))
    teona - 04/06/2010 18:45:30

  • Hello Andrzej,

    very nice picture! i like Eutopia and thank you for your compliments
    Kindly regards
    soazann - 04/06/2010 13:20:28

  • Thank you, interesting EUtopia
    Tao - 31/05/2010 19:04:49

  • Hello,
    thank you, your picture is wonderful. good luck.
    Cocosmile - 21/05/2010 18:04:21

  • Hello Andrzev,
    I like especially the communication of Eutopia 1.5,
    very good work your photographies
    best regards from Luxembourg to Poland
    margotraces - 19/05/2010 20:03:55

  • Thank you for your comment, your Eutopia1.2 I like particularly. Cheers, Christelle.
    LABC - 19/05/2010 20:01:24

  • Thank you Andrew. I like your Eutopia. Good luck!
    artemis - 19/05/2010 13:11:55

  • Hello Andrzej,
    I like the feeling in your pictures
    it is simple life and to make photos like this is not so easy.
    Eutopia beautiful work!
    Kindly regards!
    BineWeltbilder - 16/05/2010 20:37:17

Comments sent

  • Apotheosis of the rest in solitude. On the beach in a group and yet we create ourselves.
    Andrew Kruszewski Ceui
    Ceui - 22/11/2010 16:25:42

  • Tack, Intressanta bilder
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 19:27:25

  • Tack, Intressanta bilder
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 19:24:40

  • Tack, Intressanta bilder
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 19:22:11

  • Tack, Intressanta bilder
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 19:20:26

  • Tack, Intressanta bilder
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 19:18:19

  • תודה רבה, מעניין תמונות.
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 19:12:10

  • תודה רבה, מעניין תמונות.
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 19:10:48

  • תודה רבה, מעניין תמונות.
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 19:08:00

  • תודה רבה, מעניין תמונות.
    Ceui - 29/05/2010 18:48:37


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