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Constantine Cionca
( United States )

Design; Art Digital; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Photographie; Impression


Profile de Constantine Cionca

Constantine Cionca


Constantine Cionca is a New York based artist, involving in arts for over thirty years, working in a variety of creative medium as oil, acrylic, mixed media, computer generated artistic forms.

"I am confronting as an artist to feed your curiosity about me; I am a creator, a witness of nature's appearance, and a maker in an act of self-encounter. You are invited to glimpse into my private realms of my "gallery" at http://www.cultureinside.com/348/section.aspx/ViewProfile/4949, as at http://www.constantine-ikonartstud1.com that includes digital photos, paintings, illustrations, video and digital art.

If I wouldn't believe in my art and it’s meaning certainly I wouldn't do it. I'm always interested in using new tools and improving my artistic technical skills. I discovered that computer generated art is as traditional art a technique a way that frees my imagination and my creative nature, a vehicle for translating my inner vision to the outer reality.

Digital art this "new voice" as painting under the aesthetic consideration is also an art of picking up lines, forms, and colors, balanced them by the composition order. I take a piece of "stone" chisel it with bytes until the NET cube came out perfect."




2008 - On a Theme of December, MOCA ( Museum of Computer  Art) Brooklyn, NY
2008 - Snap to gird - LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art,
2008 – 7th Annual Horizon Interactive Award, Noblesville, IN
2008 – International Art Contest – Gallery Sigvardson, Denmark
2007 – Your Gallery Arts, Saatchi Gallery, London
2007 - 9th Annual Face International Online Juried Arts Exhibition, Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, NE
2006 – Spirit of Season – Magical realism
2005 –MIAD Venado Tuerto, Argentina
2005 - My Expose, Period Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska
2005 - Snap to gird - the un-juried show - LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art,
2005 - 7th Annual Abstraction International - Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, NE
2005 - Virtual Memorial, Tsunami-the inevitable, Agricola DeCologna on line collaborative project Germany
2005 - Art Now 2005, Artoteque.com, on line Gallery, London
2004 - Avisen-avk Art Gallery, Denmark
2004 – Vision VIII – International Art Competition, Howard Hall, Covington, KY
2004 – 6th Annual All Media Juried Exhibition, Touchstone Gallery, Washington.DC
2004 – ISQ 104 –Kinetics- Imaginestation Gallery, Lehigh Valley, PA
2004 - Landscape IV, Period Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska
1997-1999 – Group show, Ward-Nasse Gallery, NYC
1998 – 62nd Annual National Convention Exhibit, Lincoln Center, NYC
1981- 1989 – Annual regional Arts Show, Bastion Gallery, Timisoara/Romania
1988 – National Salon of Art, Dalles, Bucharest/Romania


2007 - "e-DIARIUM", Con-Ikon Art Gallery, New York
2007 - The Saatchi Gallery, On-line gallery, London
2005 - My Expose, Period Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska
2004 - Digital Iconography - Ikon Art Gallery, On-Line Gallery, New York
1990 - Insomnia - Photo Gallery, Queens, New York


M.F.A. Academy of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu Bucharest/Romania


2008 - Bronze Medal for “Pseudepigraphos- Fall of Man” 7th Annual Horizon Interactive Award, Noblesville IN
2008 – First Prize in the category Digital Art in Avisen-avk’s International Art Contest /Denmark
2007 – Special Recognition, Juried exhibition, Omaha NE
2005 – World Web Award of Excellence – Art Space 2000
1998 – Prize for abstract painting, Lincoln Center, NYC





Comments received

  • Fantastic new gallery!!!!!
    katrina - 13/04/2011 07:17:35

  • Because complex reality make processes of a single plastic field insufficient, complementing graphics, photography and painting, Constantin Cionca shows a meta-compositional intuition and thus force of meta-message that only a genuine talent can be expressed for their time and world where lives. His plastic vision dares to quit catharsis contemplation for the ecstasy of creativity, inspiring the visitor to create and, above all, burned the ecstatic joy of creative explosion to erupt itself, to create itself.

    mihairogobete - 30/03/2011 08:32:28

  • Cum complexitatea realităţii face ca procedeele unui unic domeniu plastic să fie insuficiente, complementând grafica, fotografia şi pictura de şevalet, Constantin Cionca dovedeşte o intuiţie meta-compoziţională şi, implicit, forţa meta-mesajului prin care numai un autentic talent se poate exprima pentru a se socoti artistul vremurilor şi lumii în care vieţuieşte. Viziunea sa plastică îndrăzneşte să abandoneze katharsisul contemplativităţii în favoarea extazului creativităţii, inspirându-şi vizitatorul să creeze şi, mai ales, incendiat de bucuria extatică a exploziei creative, să erupă din sine, să se autocreeze.
    mihairogobete - 30/03/2011 07:36:23

  • Amazing concepts and work!! Bravo!!
    katrina - 19/03/2011 07:18:09

  • Wonderful work!!! I like it very much!!!
    katrina - 19/03/2011 07:16:47

  • I'm only that monkey in the corner of my living world
    Kontis - 18/03/2011 16:24:58

  • My fellow colleagues, thanks you all!
    Kontis - 18/03/2011 16:20:40

  • Fantastic work!
    I'm so moved by these pictures.

    artemis - 17/03/2011 22:12:24

  • your art work is great..!! greetings..!
    tasiosarte - 17/03/2011 21:51:26

  • The biggest earthquake and tsunami strike Japan. May the victims rest in peace!
    Kontis - 15/03/2011 05:27:57

Comments sent

  • I'm only that monkey in the corner of my living world
    Kontis - 18/03/2011 16:24:58

  • My fellow colleagues, thanks you all!
    Kontis - 18/03/2011 16:20:40

  • It is really great!
    Kontis - 17/03/2011 03:52:35

  • beautiful poetry!
    Kontis - 17/03/2011 03:41:36

  • You have done a marvelous job
    Kontis - 17/03/2011 03:20:47

  • Wonderful!
    Kontis - 17/03/2011 03:15:56

  • great work!
    Kontis - 17/03/2011 03:05:43

  • The biggest earthquake and tsunami strike Japan. May the victims rest in peace!
    Kontis - 15/03/2011 05:27:57

  • Congratulation Gila and the CI Team
    Break a leg!

    Constantine Cionca
    Kontis - 01/08/2010 02:49:52

  • All Halloween images, video, site_ you shall see!
    [ www.constantine-ikonartstud1.com/halloween09.html ]

    Kontis - 31/10/2009 05:38:23


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