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Peinture; Photographie


Profile de PAT PAXTON


Hi...I'm a self taught artist who whilst living in a haunted house had an urge to paint and came up with some dark work . I mainly work with acrylic and water colour medium as I like to experiment with the physical effect of water on canvas avoiding the use of brushes as much as possible as to let the gravatational flow of water blend and colour, shape and form is created without much intervention.

It's how you see it.







Comments received

  • Hey Pat, I feel your painting COLD HORIZON not cold at all; there is light, a touch of red-blue in the almost monochrome picture, for me it means the dawn of something new; i like it
    best thoughts from Luxembourg Margot traces
    thanks also for your commentaire
    margotraces - 27/03/2012 19:32:01

  • thank you.
    storm, very nice.
    de très belles productions! encore!!!!

    secret55 - 26/07/2010 23:26:31

  • Storm... Yes !
    Granad_A - 09/05/2010 07:25:11

  • The "dark angel" is my favorite. Excellent work.
    katrina - 09/04/2010 08:48:57

  • lot of vibration in the deep of "the cold horizon" ....belle oeuvre.
    soniarichelmadelia - 05/09/2009 16:47:44

  • tres bel abstrait ! et merci pour le lien ! bienvenue !

    Gari - 29/08/2009 19:42:55

  • nice work pat....dark is the new black
    TONYBISHOP - 26/08/2009 10:01:29

  • I really like what you've done with "Marshmelloe Drip" Very cool, very unique!
    sav1msc - 21/08/2009 01:51:11

  • Hi Pat,
    have you already made experiences with requests from interested buyers of your work??
    Best regards
    from Marc Lautenbacher (MarcFotoDesign)
    Québec / Canada
    MarcFotoDesign - 19/08/2009 18:37:04

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