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sam chilcote
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sam chilcote

Hi my name is sam, i live in a small rural town located in Pennsylvania.  I currently work as a receptionist for a physician's office, but art is my main passion.  I work hard every day after work on my pieces in hopes of some day opening my own studio to put my work on display for sale.  I paint in a wide range of styles abstract to nature as well as charcoal sketches.  I paint with all kinds of paints from spray paint, acrylic to oil based.  Hope you enjoy my works.


Comments received

  • Hi Sam,hows things,,,got over my rejection now...back on top just been on a liverpool radio station discussing my art,,,it was some buzz.... keep it real..tony
    TONYBISHOP - 15/10/2009 11:47:47

  • hi Sam...yeah...its like waiting in the dentist waiting room and they have just called your name for some seriously deep route canal treatment without anaesthetic and no one to hold your hand...bit really...i dont think i have much of a chance because of the content...had a few negative comments in the past of other viewers requesting me to change the profile because its too horrifying...you cant please everyone all the time and everyone has their opinion ,but yours...and quite a few others too....is the one that matters...cheers ill be in touch...after the pain wears off........
    TONYBISHOP - 29/09/2009 10:52:34

  • hi Sam,thanks a lot for your support.....heist...incredible....cheers Tony
    TONYBISHOP - 21/09/2009 09:59:47

  • Hi Sam,
    Nice gallery, wish you also Good Luck !

    assa - 06/09/2009 23:42:45

  • Thanks Sam for your comment....on my gallery...
    lapointe_francine - 06/09/2009 05:40:38

  • Nice naive drawing for a funny story. Best regards, Jade
    jade_jaclean - 05/09/2009 21:22:51

  • Hi, Sam thank you for your comment on my photo...I suppose it was for monolithe because I saw you added it to your lightbox..Thanks..
    I like the way you present your work it's like an animation film....Bravo!
    lapointe_francine - 04/09/2009 05:49:06

  • hi sam
    so glad my art tickled your fancy or cheered you up if you dont know that expression....if it touched just one person that day...result...thats art for you ..it can mend all sorts of little problems...lets get an artist to rule the world
    drop canvas instead of bombs.....have a better day
    TONYBISHOP - 27/08/2009 11:34:21

  • well done. Reminds me of Frieda kahlo...
    mfabuleuse - 27/08/2009 09:57:36

  • great eerie work the heist outthere lets have more to open the studio
    TONYBISHOP - 23/08/2009 20:22:45

Comments sent

  • isn't this torture waiting to see if your work was accepted keep me posted and let me know if you made it your piece deserves to
    samcc - 28/09/2009 22:59:48

  • tony just saw this one in the public voting section gave you a vote i really love this one it's spooking awesome. Congrats

    samcc - 20/09/2009 16:37:44

  • i'm going to miss these beautiful summery days great way to capture them
    samcc - 12/09/2009 00:44:27

  • they just get more beautiful each time great work
    samcc - 09/09/2009 01:00:36

  • beautiful photography
    samcc - 06/09/2009 19:00:22

  • night portrait is amazing well done
    samcc - 06/09/2009 17:39:33

  • beautiful black and white my friend
    samcc - 06/09/2009 05:31:46

  • i love this one if you look at the eye long enough it sort of plays with your mind
    samcc - 06/09/2009 05:30:16

  • your sculptures are awesome i am just astonished at these simply amazing
    samcc - 05/09/2009 16:05:54

  • beautiful color and textures
    samcc - 05/09/2009 04:51:22


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