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t.w. chui
( United States )



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t.w. chui

I was born in China, moved to the USA in 1976. I have my first solo exhibit in San Francisco three years later. For three decades I refrained from gallery exhibit. In relative isolation I worked my way through a succession of painting styles, from surrealism to abstraction and  to figurative expressionism. Meanwhile, I did realistic airbrush painting and engraving style pen-and-ink for the advertising industry. In the beginning of the digital revolution, I mastered many digital design tools, and was recruited to work in computer animations, then eventually received an international grand prize for 3-D graphics at the annual Seybold Convention. At the dawning of the Internet age, I experimented with various web designs and codes and moved on to building a successful Buddhist art business online. Upon this milestone I decided it was time to devote my energy into the quest for originality. Where was I and where am I? I invite you to visit my site for the whole picture: WWW.TWCHUI.COM


Comments received

  • Admired your creative works. Very good painting !
    gindinvera - 29/05/2010 07:02:57

  • sublime bravo
    collakate - 10/03/2010 23:15:01

  • "Green Leaf" Is an amazing work!!! i love the colours and the whole composition!!!!!
    katrina - 17/09/2009 07:36:41

  • Love Daughter of Kali #1.
    JLVaden - 16/09/2009 21:44:42

  • Chui, love your painting "Daughter of Kali #1"! Great Work, texture and colours!
    lunagael - 11/06/2009 02:03:44

Comments sent

  • Champagne, clair de lune et chambre bleue azur à Paris.
    chui - 11/03/2010 01:41:16

  • The bleu azure conjuncts the blue of Paris for me....
    chui - 22/09/2009 02:11:10

  • I love the color and mood of this delightful painting.
    chui - 17/09/2009 00:04:46

  • The joy in your works are infectious. A beautiful soul!
    chui - 12/06/2009 19:01:31