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Muriel Soriano
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Profile de Muriel Soriano

Muriel Soriano

I was born in Paris during the summer of 1950. Both my parents were of mixed nationalities. 1951 I moved to New York and since that early age I have always been interested in the diversity of cultures and the multiple colours of the world.
I continued my studies in Europe and graduated in Fine Arts from Ealing Art College in London. After becoming a scarf designer for Liberty's of London, I moved to France and opened the " Atelier de Soie", a permanent exhibition studio in Normandy. I later trained as an art therapist and have worked extensively with adults and children whilst continuing to exhibit my work in my Honfleur studio.


1974- 1988 Divers Exhibits in Norfolk, UK ; Riyad, Saoudy Arabia ; Teheran, Iran
1981-1988 Scarf exhibitions for the " One Off " department of Libery's Regent Street, London and several london galleries
1988 Solo exhibit in "The Gallery", Kauai, Hawaii
1989 Several private shows in Lyon, France
1990 Solo exhibit , Jean Claude Herauld's in Honfleur Normandy, France
1992 Solo exhibit, Ginette Willer's, Honfleur, Normandy, France
1990-2002 Opening and managing "L'Atelier de Soie",a permanant show room, Cormeilles, Normandy, France
1990-1997 Regular Exhibits ,« One off » department, Libery’s , Regent St. London
1990 – 2002 Regular Watercolour and silk painting Exhibits in Normandy ( Evreux,Cormeilles, Honfleur, Caen, Rouen)
2000 Personal research into new techniques and media
2000 Running of regular Art Workshops
2003 Private show and workshop in Brussels
2004 Exhibit, Le Clos St François, Normandy, France
2005 Fresco painting, Paris, France
2006 Art Event, Antwerp, Belgium
2006 Exhibit, Jean Claude Herrault’s, Honfleur, Normandy
2007 Exhibit at «Le Carré Rouge » , Caen
2007-2008 Exhibit at « Art Circuit », Rennes
2009 - Exhibit at " Le Normandy" , Deauville


Comments received

  • Very nice
    parisart - 24/01/2013 14:52:50

  • Fantastic work!!!
    katrina - 18/03/2011 07:39:03

  • Wonderful Gallery!!! Fantastic soft colors !!!
    katrina - 18/03/2011 07:37:58

  • Wonderul waves, wonderful sea!!

    artemis - 17/03/2011 22:19:26

  • Beaucoup de douceur et de mélancolie dans vos toiles.J'aime bien votre univers.
    Merci pour votre commentaire.
    PRussi - 20/04/2010 22:39:15

  • L'attitude de ce Tchetchen est superbement émouvante...
    jade_jaclean - 06/10/2009 18:13:03

  • D'ondines à refugiés, en forêt ou en neige, ce sont vos couleurs qui parlent d'abord avant que ne fusent les messages transmis. pour cela et plus, merci ! Snow, rainforest et women sont mes préférés de ces huit. Au plaisir Jade
    jade_jaclean - 06/10/2009 18:06:57

  • Great work!
    JLVaden - 22/09/2009 02:04:51

  • Bonsoir, vos oeuvres votre style dégagent de la douceur, de la paix, bonne continuation Jean Pierre
    menard42 - 14/03/2009 20:44:34

  • Vos couleurs douces et vos themes me parlent,j'aime vos toiles.
    JVILLAR - 28/02/2009 17:10:33

Comments sent

  • yes, very nice !
    murielsoriano - 27/09/2011 18:06:47

  • yes, very nice !
    murielsoriano - 27/09/2011 18:06:41

  • amazing light! and play ! wonderful !
    murielsoriano - 27/09/2011 18:05:18

  • Superbes couleurs! et ambience ! J'adore " Una notte sotto la luce 010 " Bravo!

    murielsoriano - 20/04/2010 21:46:06

  • Superbe travail? on ploge quelque part et on entrevoie... Le trésor ou la misère....
    murielsoriano - 05/10/2009 21:36:45

  • Thanks for your comment Valden ! and great work too! specially in watercolour ! Love 3 in Kente
    murielsoriano - 22/09/2009 08:46:39

  • hi Gila, thought you'd like to know that this sort of message was being sent ! (copie collé below)
    mumlove 21/09/2009
    Hello. My name is faith i saw your profile today at www.cultureinside.com and i love it also became intrested to know you,i will also lik to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my private_email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(faith.biaa@yahoo.co.uk) i believe we can move from here.my love distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life.i waiting to recive your lovely reply soon, Yours Love. Miss faith
    Best regards & keep up the good work

    murielsoriano - 21/09/2009 08:50:59

  • quite amazing work

    murielsoriano - 01/09/2009 20:08:06

  • Superbe ! c'est quoi ??? de l'huile , aquarelle, digitale. Bravo en tous cas
    murielsoriano - 28/02/2009 14:53:12

  • Superbe ! c'est quoi ??? de l'huile , aquarelle, digitale. Bravo en tous cas
    murielsoriano - 28/02/2009 14:53:06


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