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Juan Romagosa
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Juan Romagosa

Art, the product of emotion, is the by-product of being in a creative state. Enter the wonderful frame of mind where making art is inevitable. Many have sought to prescribe procedures for creativity. Julia Cameron believes that walking opens the pathways inspiration. In The Artist's Way she recommends frequent walks to jog the imagination, liberate the mind, and activate intuition. Robert Henri, in the Art Spirit describes the process a hundred years earlier: "By a compelling impulse a man goes for a day in the woods... there is some vague thought of freedom... he plunges into the wood... his progress [results] in enthusiastic energy and time passes as in a dream. And concurrent with his action there is thought of surprising fluid [ity]. His [attitude changes, worries vanish]. The spirit of the wood has possessed him. He has got into rhythm... It is a day of clear seeing."

The changes an artist goes through in life are directly reflected in his, or her art. To the extent that his life mirrors archetypal phases of humanity Art produced is relavant and universal. Interpreting the archetypal, Art becomes uniquely personal. The degree of craftsmanship employed in the execution of the Vision unifies and lends credibility to the artistic message. Whether or not the packages of Art resonate with the viewer depends on what stage the viewer is in her own personal development, or what track she has chosen to take in defining her personality and what spiritual attributes she may have nurtured.

Art links and exposes life's multifaceted nature. Layers of complexity are peeled and connections are revealed like so many pieces of HTML in a web page. Visual arts are informed by performance art, which are induced by aural arts. Music becomes dance, a sight to behold. Pulsating rhythms transform innert masses into dancing bundles of energy; bodies stomping beats, mirroring melodies, undulating harmonies. The word becomes flesh, an icon. "The ultimate aim of the creative process is to help us to locate the joy of our physicality." Pat B. Allen. When the joy of life is incorporated and revealed, Art happens; capturing the cycle of life becoming us.


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  • Congratulations George: this is truly inspiring.
    JuanRomagosa - 09/06/2009 06:37:07

  • Gorgeous work Patricia. I first noticed in Artbreak; well done.
    JuanRomagosa - 09/05/2009 07:54:24