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paul scott rayner
( United Kingdom )


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paul scott rayner


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  • I like the way you work with nature. Using the tones and textures that are there and enhancing them into your compositions. Nice overall effect.
    psrart - 09/11/2009 17:34:11

  • Really like - see and feel. I see it and i feel it!!! A well thought out piece.
    psrart - 08/11/2009 17:53:46

  • Put simply, i love your work. Your style, your concepts - you have " IT ". All good.
    psrart - 08/11/2009 17:28:47

  • A good photo can sum up a moment, a mood, an emotion, a message, a question, a culture - your photos do. They work.
    psrart - 08/11/2009 17:21:18

  • love Bird in a basket. great tones and use of colour. the more i look, the more i see. really well layered.
    psrart - 07/11/2009 12:52:33

  • wow! your work is amongst the best digital art i have ever seen. amazing concepts and execution, a pleasure to look at.
    psrart - 07/11/2009 12:45:47

  • montpellier - love it. great layering and tone.
    psrart - 05/11/2009 19:41:53

  • trapped in the loop - love the concept and the image. cool work.
    psrart - 05/11/2009 19:36:00

  • great work. i love the dark, spiritual subject matter ( for me ) expressed with the use of vivid colour - a nice balance with the emotions.
    psrart - 05/11/2009 19:32:28

  • nice work. love the dark, blured content, mixed with the vivid colours. great overall look and feeling.
    psrart - 05/11/2009 19:24:38