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Unusual, but true…

It’s in the end of a little court surrounded by industrials buildings, at the ground floor of a furniture depositary that Basil Giannacis decided to install his artistic stronghold.
Galerie 15 is located at the Prince Royal’s street, perpendicular with the Ixelles Roadway and not far from the Namur’s Gate, deep Brussels.

Basil Giannacis has decided to defend his own personals tastes, simply. Autodidact but with sharpened eyes, he exposes young painting artists, photographers and sculptor.
The Gallery is open each day on appointment. Just a call and you will discover a great selection of protégé, sometimes joined together in a unique concept.

The Galerie 15 is also an office which emerge ideas evolving into concepts and which is become reality, as “American dream” with Philippe Lichtfus, an exposition that took place in the amazing and astonishing walkway of the Tour & Taxis warehouse.

The Galerie 15 is open to every kind of arts. It’s working with different galleries and artists from Europe and many exchanges are done. So, collaboration and open mind are its motto.

Galerie 15 is a young and dynamic gallery preparing for a great and shifted future, which doesn’t have competitors, just friends…


www.galerie15.com   www.laxess.be



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