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Gandhar C. Pardeshi
( India )

Photography; Sculpture


Profile of Gandhar C. Pardeshi

Gandhar C. Pardeshi

 I evolved and extemporized my work from memories juxtaposed with the experiences of daily life.

Lives and works in New Delhi India

Education : Awarded Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, INDIA


2003 : Delhi State Award by “AIFACS” New Delhi. on the occasion of Platinum Jubilee.

2002 : “ADITYA VIKRAM BIRLA KALA KIRAN PURASKAR ” for Sculpture (Sangit Kala Kendra),Mumbai

2000 : Awarded BENDRE-HUSAIN SCHOLARSHIP (Bombay Art Society), Mumbai

2000 : Sculpture selected for 42nd National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.

1996-1998 : NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP Ministry of HRD (Dept. of Culture) Govt. of India.

1997 : Second Prize in All India Sculpture Competition organized by Dr. Bhausaheb Deshmukh Art Akademi, Amaravati (M.S.)

1996 : Awarded Certificate in MAHARASHTRA STATE ART EXHIBITION, Beed (M.S.)

1996 : Awarded Certificate in BOMBAY ART SOCIETY, Annual Exhibition, Mumbai.

1996, 94, 93 : Awarded Certificate in Annual Exhibition, SIR J. J. School of Art, Mumbai



2003 : Platinum Jubliee Art Exhibition of Award Winning Works from all over India by “AIFACS” New Delhi

2002 : Invited for Golden Jubilee Show of Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2000 : Invited for ‘Guess who painted it ?’ Show arranged by ART TODAY, New Delhi.

1999 : Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

1996 : Monsoon show “VARSHA” Y. B. Chavan Art Gallery, Mumbai.

1993 : Monsoon show “CHATAK” Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai


2000, 1994-92 : Annual Exhibition, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai.

1996 : Drawing Exhibition organized by “AIFACS”, New Delhi

1995, 94 : Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, Mumbai, Dhule

1997, 94 : Dr. Bhausaheb Deshmukh Art Academi, Amaravati (M.S.)

1996 : All India Sculpture Show organized by “AVANTIKA”, New Delhi


1999 : Scholar’s Meet Baroda (Organized by WZCC, Udaipur and M. S. Univeristy, Baroda)

1995 : Attended terracotta workshop organized by THANE ART SOCIETY at Village Yeaur

1994,93,92,91 : Rashtriya Kala Mela Organized by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi at Mumbai, Madras and New Delhi



Mural in Cast Aluminium and Cast Stone for Singhania Farm house New Delhi, India.
(size: 17ft x 13ft)

Floor Mural in Cast Stone for Dalmia Project New Delhi / Gurgaon , India Huge Floor area : Approx. 2000 sq. ft

Mural in Fibre Resin for for one of the leading bank in India


Comments received

  • Thanks, Katrina & Lunagael
    gandhar - 9/27/2010 3:34:21 PM

  • Great work. Bravo.
    katrina - 3/5/2010 7:12:39 AM

  • Your concepts and your work is amazing! I love it.
    katrina - 3/5/2010 7:11:56 AM

  • Yes! Gandhar you have "the gift"
    Be well!
    lunagael - 3/3/2010 10:53:07 PM

  • Hi Gandhar, your works are excellent, I congratulate you on your talent, sinceres friendships
    MISSNADIA - 3/1/2010 9:54:37 AM

  • just don't have words for the idea and concept behind your "Prayer 1". It's perfect :-)
    lunagael - 5/10/2009 3:48:22 PM

  • Gandhar, i love your "Metropolitan"! it's in such a joyful way that the sits on the bench and the attention he gives to what he's doing is FABULOUS!!! LOVE IT!!!
    in fact i love your work!!!
    lunagael - 5/10/2009 3:46:26 PM

  • Thank you Gandhar, I am happy that my job pleases you

    AlanB - 4/28/2009 10:17:54 AM

  • hello Gandhar
    thank for your message I like your pictures , nice work
    have a good day my friend
    best regards
    LEPRIN - 4/26/2009 9:56:33 AM

  • hI Gandhar, i like yur work i take the pictures of the "M├ętropolitan" for my lightbox. thank you.

    Alan B
    AlanB - 3/27/2009 12:40:57 PM

Comments sent

  • Thanks, Katrina & Lunagael
    gandhar - 9/27/2010 3:34:21 PM

  • nice composition
    gandhar - 3/4/2010 10:00:06 AM

  • Vesna, like your works, specially "Ghetrude Portugesa-banista
    gandhar - 2/19/2008 3:36:34 PM

  • Excellent works, highly impressed
    my best wishes.....
    gandhar - 2/15/2008 4:07:45 PM

  • Excellent works
    gandhar - 2/15/2008 4:04:11 PM

  • drawings are really impressed me
    gandhar - 2/15/2008 4:02:51 PM