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Frank Shifreen
( United States )

Design; Digital Art; Drawing; Installation; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; Print; Sculpture


Profile of Frank Shifreen

Frank Shifreen

Frank Shifreen: "My belief is that artists should organize and form collectives to create and display work."

F. Shifreen is an artist, teacher, curator, director of arts organizations, and writer on art issues. He has had numerous exhibitions of his work as an artist throughout the world. He has organized and curated many shows on political and social themes that received wide critical attention. The Monumental Shows, Brooklyn Bridge Centenniel, Terminal Show and recently Shows that have travelled to many sites: Counting Coup/Undo, an exhibition of artists against Bush, From the Ashes and Ground Zero, a show about artists responses to September, 11th and most recently Artists Against War, artists against the war in Iraq, that traveled to many sites including Social Forum lV in Mumbai India. He has founded and organized and directed Nonprofit groups Including the Gowanus Memorial Artyard in Brooklyn Pan Arts, in Manhattan and been a director and board member of other arts organizations in New York.

He graduated with a BFA ( Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Pratt Institute. A masters degree in Science and Education from Adelphi University ( Ms. Sp Ed) and is currently a doctoral student in Arts and Arts Education at Teachers College Columbia University where he is writing his dissertation on independant artists creating autonomous zones outiside of traditional art institutions.


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