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lunagael - My soul  Peinture

Only within emotion can you, BE.... before you give birth to a child, before you see her grow, before you let her go... you have to be inside yourself and know that you can capture someone into your heart. if they survive your sadness and hate, happiness, and despair, then you’ll know they are captured to you... like a huge Tree, you can sleep peacefully and see that the world is just a simple place where you can always find someone who needs you, and through that Love, give meaning to the existence of human race…
galerie Suivant

desperation driven by silence that death imposes

the old fisherwoman

The last day in paradise (the fire that burns insi


what's on your mind?

Christ is in her, inside me

you tortured my mind

... why?...

i have three masks

i dream that i can dance...

love is....

the spectatOr

is war avoidable?

did i lost you?

hello world! i'm here

i can't see because i refuse to open my eyes

i'm ashamed. hold my hand

sometimes, this is the way humans suffer

i like my window ...

my ancestors

is there a way out?

lost souls


the voyage

i am inside a box




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