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This world is strange   Posted 8/16/2019

Translators between us   Posted 8/16/2019

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This world is strange  

Political thriller of Oscar winner for the screenplay for the movie "Traffic", Stephen Gaghan, which was based on the notes of CIA agent Bob Baer, ​​is a mosaic of interwoven threads, more or less interacting with each other. Each story has its own hero and presents his point of view on power, the large oil corporation and the morality associated with it. CIA agent Bob Baer deals with the liquidation and infiltration of people suspected of international terrorism. In the closed eyes of his country, he is a quiet hero, the real equivalent of James Bond, who can be entrusted with dangerous missions and who is loyal to his superiors.

However, when a leak occurs and the agent runs into serious trouble, the government denies his actions, further instituting disciplinary action against him and blocking him access to any information. Colleagues from the office do not want to talk to him because they are afraid for their own careers. Baer must have known that in the event of a mishap, the government would not help him, but words look different than deeds. So looks the loyalty of superiors, the country, to the unit subordinated to it, which sacrificed itself to defend its borders against aggressors. All honors and decorations turn out to be brutal empty words. Bob Baer turns out to be one of many pawns, a doll whose strings are pulled by the government.

Just one meeting, one contract and dozens of people lose their jobs as a source of income. Such people include two Pakistanis, a father and son, who came to the USA to earn money for a decent life and bring their mother and wife to this land with "milk and honey flowing".

Wasim "accidentally" meets a person understanding his problems, close in terms of religion and belief, a person who recruits him to "people like them." In fact, it is a terrorist group, a fraction of a larger group, with a few slogans calling young Wasim and his colleague to a suicide attack to weaken the power of the oil corporation ... One of its employees is Bennett Holiday, an honest employee learning about "gifts" in the form of property benefits for high-ranking people to finalize a new multi-million contract. Originality in deficit Bryan Woodman becomes the financial and political adviser of the Arab prince, Nasir Al-Subai, who wants to introduce respect and voting rights for women into his culturally and politically backward country, wants to create a new parliament and an independent judiciary. At the same time, he doesn't want to do business on oil deposits with US agents. He immediately becomes an "unscrupulous" terrorist, godless communist. It also becomes the enemy and goal of the US. There are no leading characters in the film by Stephen Gaghan.

The heroes of each story serve here as a tool, a kind of catharsis to show us the whole world as one great political and social mud. In addition to the banal statements of the type, the world is ruled by money, rulers and big companies, "Syriana" draws important conclusions about the terrorism of Americans, who have been avoided in cinema so far, who, under the cover of big words, try to make the oppressed nations happy by force, in fact striving to attract the largest natural goods (as a consequence - material). When a nation opposes, does not want to enter into agreements with the United States, it is immediately perceived as terrorist. Opposite the shallow expectation of junk food The main (destructive) force, oracle, are the heads of powerful companies, who, in their opinion, are superpeople directing the worthless lives of ordinary mortals. The world is a kingdom of power, hypocrisy and using everyone to capitalize more capital.

All this, unfortunately, is a painful truth, achieved by the creators of an outstanding script, rough, even documentary photos, shots from the hand and brilliant directing. Now you can kiss the bride Stephen Gaghan does not hide anything, does not color, does not use cheap provocation, does not try to flirt the viewer with form, and raises important questions about the lack of morality of large corporations, the "oil fever" or terrorism, which they use and explain their reasons not only Muslims and Arabs, but also great enemies of terrorism, that is Americans. It is difficult to determine which of the acts of brutal violence is worse - the idea and fight for freedom or the calculation and desire to gain more and more power. It is very good that cinema (and in addition American!) Can in such an excellent, brilliant and, most importantly, real way to move and describe contemporary socio-political problems.

Let's face it, the reality outside the window is not colorful and nobody hides it.

On allegations of accepting property benefits, one of the heroes receives the answer: "Corruption is the government's impact on the efficiency of the stock exchange. Full control. We have the right to exactly that, so we can not escape it. Corruption is our protection. Corruption makes us safe and Corruption exists, that's why you and I are here, not wa

Posted by Vangsgaard23Kelley - Friday, August 16, 2019 -

Translators between us  

It is true that each of us is aware of the fact that international politics is nowadays more business meetings than leaders of nations. And the cover-up of war crimes, genocide, and such incidents are and have been the norm in many countries with uncertain political situations.

Although we would like to believe that this belongs only to the "infamous past" of mankind, we are deeply aware that this is not the case. From time to time, filmmakers also remind us of this in a more or less successful way.

Contrary to appearances, this film belongs to the production on this subject. And although the action focuses here on the silhouettes of two heroes, the theme of death and misery contrasts with the shining interiors of the UN headquarters all the time.

The main plot around which the whole action revolves around is the fact that one of the translators working for the UN, Silvia Broom (Nicole Kidman), overheard the country of Matoko, Zuwanie, once a liberator and proponent of freedom, now a tyrant and genocide. Silvia, aware of her civic duty, reports to the police the next day. At first, no one believed her, not even the Special Services called for it. However, no one dare to ignore such a report completely, and soon something happens that makes the story of the translator suddenly take on great significance ... Even agent Tobin Keller (Sean Penn), initially skeptical about both the whole story and the her author, she discovers that they have more in common than you might think ... This film had many advantages and disadvantages. His greatest plus was the acting of Sean Penn. The combination of his strong personality with the ephemeral and numb acting of Kidman gave unexpected results.

For this reason, this film, despite a certain naivety of the plot and the method of solving some of the themes, was watched well. The right choice was to combine the action on international intrigue with the psychological side of at least these two main characters. As a student of philological studies, I marched to this film with some interest, because I worked as a translator myself many times. Although not for the UN, but you have to start with something.

So I was curious what the filmmakers would come up with to draw the "God of spirit" guilty lady, fluent in several languages, into the international scandal. Well, they thought a lot about it. I just wonder why. Wouldn't it be easier to make a story about a woman with whom you could at least identify? It is true that I do not like Kidman acting. However, she matched this role, if only because of playing a person with a rather dark past, her impenetrable face gave the viewer the ability to interpret the emotions experienced by the viewer. From gangster to hero The opposite is the case with Penn, who can do a lot with the game without words - with a look or gesture - without pretending that there is content behind the silence, but really filling it. However, apart from the acting, which definitely binds this film into a specific whole, I wanted to stick to the event, which became the "driving force" of the picture. In my opinion it was too unbelievable for this type of production. Although maybe some of you will not agree with me, claiming that the story of a woman who knows, among others, the African Ku language (probably the only one in that part of the United States), which accidentally eavesdrops on the conversation in that language, because it returned to the sound room in the main building of the United Nations for the flecks left there, is completely reliable. Well ... Little elephants Each of us, even if he feels a slave, be it the world or the system, at least has the right to choose the fiction in which he believes. If one has a very strong will, he may even believe that this type of story could have taken place ....

Posted by Vangsgaard23Kelley - Friday, August 16, 2019 -

A beautiful car a beautiful lady - nothing more  

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Luc Besson in his recent films reaffirms the critics that he makes films more and more thoughtless, in which the form exceeds the content, which definitely does not work in favor, of course, if someone prefers productions with a deeper message.

 Frank Martin returns to the screens of world cinemas. Our transporter decided to rest in Miami, where he earns extra money as a driver of a rich family.

Martin is taciturn, cool and nobody manages to figure him out, somehow encourage conversation, except ... six-year-old Jack, with whom the transporter makes friends very quickly. Every day, Frank drives him to school and other places where only mom allows. When Jack is kidnapped, the transporter decides to save him at all costs because he gave the boy a word that he would not let anyone hurt him.

He must do his best to thwart the plans of the kidnappers who want to use the boy to release the deadly virus ruthlessly killing anyone who comes in contact with him. "Transporter 2", for which Besson wrote the script, can be summarized as follows: cool cars, lots of pursuits, excellent assembly and action, but thoughtless content ... Definitely it is a film for people who go to the cinema to look at beautiful pictures, talk to friends, eat popcorn, because here you do not have to think about anything, because the plot is very simple. The main advantage of the new "Transporter" is the main actor. Jason Statham is even created for this role. He perfectly recreated the fate of the orchestra man, who is a great shooter, a great driver, a man with principles, and at the same time a gentleman with a good heart. If someone can "swallow" transporters, it's probably only because of the main actor, or is a junior high school student whose beautiful cars spin (and here you can see not one ad of the wonderful Audi), beautiful ladies (Kate Nauta), and tons of action, without whether the film makes sense or not. In short: the film is for undemanding people who do not look for content in movies, it can also work on a school trip, because it is watched quickly and there are no unnecessary debts - that is what junior high school students like the most. In particular, I recommend this movie for them ..

Posted by Vangsgaard23Kelley - Friday, August 16, 2019 -