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Sabine Schlossmacher
( Germany )

Digitalkunst; Malerei; Fotografie

Sabine Schlossmacher - Urban Legends - Frozen to death in the City  Digitalkunst, Fotografie

The Story " Frozen to death in the City"
by Sabine Schlossmacher

The day started like all the others before, but the following event
should lead us to an unusual brand new beginning...
For a lot of years I am living now alone,because my wife is
already died years ago.
Nevertheless I dont`t fell alone, altrough it perhaps seems to be like that.
The day begins with the same ritual namely having a long breakfast with newspapers.
The weather was icy for days and tonight it snowed even more.
Also the Sky was grey and it seemed as if it would snowing the
hole day.
In my fridge was not a lot of food and so I decided to leave
the house.
I chose my warm boots, my jacket and even the snow glasses which were worn the last time in the World War Two.
I entered the Street and could hardly I see anything because everthing outsite was wind and snowflakes.
I should have stayed at home!!!!!!
But I trought: These 200 m I will cops with ....
So I started walking and I felt save after a while, because my cane supported my steps.
Thank God the shop was stil open. I went fast as I could inside.
The owner are very kind, I know him for years. We putted
everything I needed in a bag.
The weather outside changed for worse rapidly. So the
owner from the grocery wanted to come along with me, but I declined I went off and disappeared in the snow flurry. I had a poor visibility, so I swung forwards with my bag in the one and the cane in the other hand.
Suddanly I overbalanced and fall down like a stone. I felt a bad aching in my hip.Totally numb I lay on the ground, while I was trying to get up,but that was impossible, because of the rising pain.
At this it came to my mind, that I had to lie in the park and that nobody would come here in this bad weather.
I was terrified, because of probably being not found.
The coldness got worse as time passsed by. In the meanwhile I realized during the nightfall that it was 6 p.m.
The hope of getting help was gone and furthermore I was getting lethargical. A warmth flew through my body altrough it was bitterly cold.
But I did`nt felt this cold anymore. Somehow, it had to be hours that passed by in the meanwhile, I had the strange feeling to leave my body. But why there is a stone at my head and why I am captive in a block of ice???

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Frozen to death in the City
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